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Only family members and a few close friends including Psy and Park Jin-young, who is also known as JYP, attended the service.

Rain and Kim will unveil their wedding pictures, along with a public announcement after the wedding, Rain’s agency said Thursday.

Rain, real name Jung Ji-hoon, and actress Kim got married in January.

The two stars first met on the set for a TV commercial shoot in 2011 and started dating in the fall of 2012. He is set to appear on KBS 2TV's upcoming music audition show "The Unit" as an emcee.

He also added, if in case he decides to get married, he himself will reveal it to his fans.

The interviewer also asked about Rain’s after-marriage plans and Rain said “If I become a father, I want to have a daughter like Cho Sarang.” Rain had earlier appeared on the hit variety show ‘Superman is back’ and had dinner with Cho Sarang and her dad.

However, the singer reveals that his body is slowing he may consider retiring after releasing his new album in December.

After dating for five years, K-pop superstar, Rain and Korean actress Kim Tae-hee have announced that they will tie the knot. “The relationship has finally borne fruit,” Kim said in a release.

Pop star Rain and his actress wife Kim Tae-hee will become parents soon, the couple announced Tuesday.

Korean celebrity Rain confirmed that he will be marrying actress Kim Tae-hee in an announcement via a handwritten letter, according to K-Pop Herald.

“I am ready to be a good husband and a man as the head of a household.

It definitely felt like a momentous baby drop with news of the arrival of top Korean stars Rain and Kim Tae Hee first child.

The parents promised to raise their daughter to be of a help to the world, a thoughtful thing to say that continues to highlight this couple for their sincerity that is very low key and never flaunting all their successes and incredible good looks.

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