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Females having a longer telomere and lifespan than males have been documented in many animals.

Asterisk (*) indicates significant sex difference at that particular age (FDR-adjusted during aging (top: estrogen; middle: testosterone; bottom: 11-keto-testosterone).Spearman’s correlation analysis revealed no significant relationship between telomerase activity and TRF organ-wise and sex-wise in ).Extrapolation of the TRF-survival relationship marks 0% survival probability (i.e.Moreover, the increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer development upon estrogen administration in rodents [ male) in both telomere length and longevity exist in fish?” Supported by the positive outcomes, we further examined age-associated changes in sex hormones, telomerase activity and telomere (length and attrition rate) in the liver (organ common in vertebrates) and gill (organ unique in fish), with an attempt to infer the mechanistic relationship among estrogen (sex), telomere and longevity in is therefore unique for studying the mechanisms of estrogenic (sex) influence on longevity in vertebrates, particularly human.

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