Hoops from flavor of love dating shaq

You could hear and see them screaming at each other.

I felt bad for him." Another eyewitness confirmed that the story was in fact true, and sources are saying that this was the final straw for Shaq in his relationship with Hoopz.

I just have great intuition about things or whatever.

If it’s not of like substance to me, then I think why do it.” A reality show could be on the horizon in the near future for Nicole and Shaq. Alexander recalls how they started dating when a mutual friend came up with the idea.

I think that’s just a lot of people…Everyone’s going to have their own opinion. Depending on what you do afterwards, I did not take everything that came my way as far as magazine covers or different shows. Nicole provides us with a detailed analysis of why he retired: “Your body shuts down on you and he has this injury, which essentially the whole part of walking right or any type of agility. We did everything we could to try to get him back even to be out there.

We’re told Hoopz pulled the ‘ol “Dump the salt in the OJ” routine — and when Shaq returned from the can, he took a big, fat sip of the tainted concoction.

Shaq was embarrassed, he dropped his head like he was ashamed of her.

He didn't say anything while they were in the gym, but once they got to their car a heated argument took place.

Wondering what the future holds for Shaq and his current girlfriend, we welcomed Ms. Nicole says she helped him prepare for the big event and everyone had a blast. We put them on cue cards for him and reenacting the whole thing over and over again was super funny.

Alexander for a CYInterview on her life, as well as some insight into why Shaq retired and what the future might hold. We had a blast with it as you can imagine and you know just making sure his outfits are right.

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