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but god damnit, who cares if he was dating or just hanging out with friends? Music.' post='6291064' date='Aug 22 2009 4 53 PM'] -live urls are not allowed in your usergroup-SM Entertainment speaks up after photos of Super Junior members Han Kyung and famous Chinese broadcaster Jia Ling were uploaded on a Chinese portal site. let the poor guy enjoy his life during the very rare moments that he has some free time! A SM Entertainment representative said on 22nd, “Han Kyung, Jia Ling and 7 other had went to play pool together. He is also known for his dancing skills, particularly skillful in Chinese traditional dances from the fifty-six minority Chinese ethnic groups.He is one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior and an important figure to further continue the Korean wave in China.Because of the paparazzi, Han Kyung is very tired.”“There was also an earlier case where there were photos of Han Kyung taken only with a female actress, when they had went out together as a whole drama team after filming, uploaded online. All these have caused Han Kyung to be very tiresource: -live urls are not allowed in your usergroup-[/quote]I'm sorry but even if he is a big korean idol he's allowed to date at his age.

He is one of the two members in the group who frequently performs Chinese martial arts in Super Junior's dance routines, the other being Lee Sung Min.About quitting SM, Hangeng said in an interview in China, “The main reason I left the company was because I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. @media screen and (orientation: landscape) @media screen and (orientation: portrait) html html, body body input::-ms-clear a a:focus, a:hover ul ul li :focus button, input, select, textarea . They said “The two spent 2 hours playing billiard with friends” and “After the game end, Hankyung immediately got on a car and drive to somewhere” However, on August 22nd, Hankyung’s agent company, SM entertainment have stated their official words about this.A person from SM said that the two went to there with 7 friends but it seems that paparazzi only focused to Jia Ling and made her look like she’s the only one who have connection with Hankyung there.

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