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I couldnt even hold on for 15 mins before I let it go.

She cleaned me up and I had my shower and off I went. I've been here once before and had an amazing time but this time was much much worse with Lexy. Massage Parlor Details: For a place that sells itself as "upscale", it's beginning to look a bit rundown.

After that I lifted her off her feet, threw her on the table, and asked her how bad she wanted it.

She looked at him and asked if I wanted a massage first or fun. She started by taking her lingerie off and pressing her breasts in my face making me suck on them. While I was sucking and fondling her tits she was massaging junior and it felt great.

she then told me she had a trick and took a condom and put it on using her mouth, or almost did, it was a little small so she tried again successfully with a bigger condom.

This was only her second day on the job and I will be a regular for my Columbian sex kitten.

Diana is a curvy girl, not for fans of spinners but I picked her because of the pictures on the site of her gorgeous bare breasts and they did not disappoint.

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This was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. She made me feel very relaxed, and let me know if anything made me feel uncomfortable that she'd stop.

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