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I got caught up in the midlle of something and I have no idea how to deal with it. I had looked at his FB page and he had written a tribute to his LW, which I thought was sweet. Today my W is changing his profile picture on Facebook. Hurtful Posted January 6th, 2012 at PM I have no idea on how to start this.Old feelings and special dates: It's okay to respect the good qualities of a deceased spouse, while not glorifying the past so much that no one can ever live up to those standards.There are certain dates, such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays, which will trigger emotions, as well.Nor do they need to feel as if they should have arrived at a certain success point in a career before being worthy of a new relationship.Also, beware the overachievers who are hiding behind work as a way to avoid healing.Here at we get many questions from men and women regarding how to approach sensitive issues that may arise when dating a widow or widower.As we take a more in-depth look at each of these starting over issues, please keep in mind that whether you are dating someone who has experienced a loss or you have experienced one of your own, what may be an obstacle for some may not be an obstacle for others.

The bottom line here is that getting involved on the rebound almost guarantees we'll choose the wrong person.It is wonderful to find love again after the loss of a loved one.There is nothing more devastating as a broken heart; however, it is possible to become whole again and find new and lasting love.The biggest mistake we can make during the grieving process is to move on too quickly.To release our attachment and be open to new possibilities, we need time to explore and feel the four healing emotions: anger, sadness, fear and sorrow.

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  1. Just be careful when getting into a long distance relationship with someone, it may seem great and everything, but something just might be lurking under the surface.

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