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I am Polish and that does not mean I would act in the same way as your girl, it all depends on the person. But unless you meet a prostitute the girls are harder to get for one night than average English/Dutch/German/French ! Not only is she very tall (good as I'm 6'9-2m10), gorgeous but the kindest and most sincere person that I have ever met.

Re: Polish girls I've been to Poland for months this year, for work! Guess the great thing about Poland is there are not many economic immigrants like in the west of Europe.. Re: Polish girls I think Polish girls are more homely, they enjoy cooking, keeping the house tidy, are family oriented, and loving.

Here in England I noticed we have forgotten many of these things and gone astray.

Re: Polish girls hi it's me again if any polish girl read this can she tell me why after 8 month frendship, polish girl turn back to a man and don't want to do enything with you,after so many hugs and phone calls messages late evening try to be so diferent and I new about her boyfriend and she new about my girfriend sometimes i think the friendship on here side was not strong Re: Polish girls Excuse, me but you are talking about polish girl(s) not polish girl. But posts that cross the line too far will be deleted.

what i must add is that i dont know why but in london its hard to chat up polish girls maybe they have been warned about us horny guys i dont know. I spent in England few months last year and I could compare Polish woman with English, Irish, Spanish and others.

Once they hit 24 or 25 look out: they want a husband and children ! Re: Polish girls A common reaction of Polish girls to English girls is - YURRRK, what a set of fat slappers with loud mouths, no sense of style or femininity and the morals of a bitch on heat - and they can't even bake a cake. Re: Polish girls ive briefly read through the posts and must say there was a lot to digest.

Up until recently, I was seeing a stunning polish girl, who was kind, caring, not seeking marriage and earned her own salary (ended as I'm a close protection officer and moving over to Eastern Europe to work and not for any unsavoury reason).

She happens to be the most amazing person that I have ever met but the timing just wasn't right unfortunately.

Why so many 'looking for polish girl' 'need polish girl for one night' 'Need polish girl 19-21 to show me around'? But wht do people treat this site as if a place to meet cheap polish woman Re: Polish girls I'm a Japanese in England and have been to Poland several times.

That all I wanted to say Re: Polish girls I agree with what he said, I am in london and stumbled acrss this site as i was looking for a translation and advice as i am dating and soon to be proposed to a polish girl.

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