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haha If you go to and scroll to the bottom, if you are signed in, you should see a “my account” tab. Your client does not have permission to get URL /helpcenter/forms/universal_survey from this server. Most half decent hosts have online email facilities. And, thank you very much for your VERY valuable information.Once you click that then you can follow the instructions above. I deleted mine as soon as I could not get the tutorial video to work. (Client IP address: .14) You are accessing this page from a forbidden country. I admit its not as good as gmail, but at least you don’t get signed in to loads of stuff. thank you sooooo much 4 this “cheat cheat” i guess i should call it. There is NO OPTION that says: “Delete profile and remove associated social features” It only says: Services Delete entire Google account Close entire account and delete all services and info associated with it View, enable, or disable web history Go to web history ok- how do ya remove/delete/close the Google Youtube acct that Google (seemingly) automatically sets up w/ yer G acct. Though they’ve changed the delete process, your info at least got me going the right, click on account overview and then do the give. Picasa Web Albums is perfect for my needs – clean, fast slideshows to send to my friends and family. What will happen when i Google is retired next year?How will video chat and the few useful gadgets I have on my personalized home page be accessed? I did try Chrome but it does not work well on my mac.If you have more queries on Google , feel free to discuss via comments below. I just want a simple search engine that works well.Also Check out: I don’t like that my g-mail account and picassa are by default linked to this service. Is there any way I can get this big blue arrow and the you button off my Google page? I am about to think that I need to leave Google completely.How long does it take, though, for the google pop-up screen to go off and my old google way of sending emails come back? ok, i did everything exactly this tutorial told me to, and now, when i try to go to the inbox, ONCE AGAIN it tells me that i need to give myself a full name, and re-create a google account ( What you’ll get: A Google profile Your channel comes with a public Google profile.It helps friends find your videos and other content you share on Google.) so i cant go to my inbox or to my channel unless i have THAT FUCKING UGLY ASS USELESS GOOGLE SHIT!!

Most users are worried if they delete the Google Plus account they may accidentally delete their Google account, Google Reader, Gmail and other Google accounts as well.

Use it to spy on their DMs to see if they are truly loyal to you.

Or maybe you just want to play a prank on your friends and leave funny memes in their profile without them knowing who really did it.

With the help of our Instagram hacker, recover lost passwords even if you have no access to the e-mail you signed up.

Crack any account password with our tools; we use brute force methods, backdoors, exploits, any loopholes, anything that we can use to our advantage.

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Bad sign for the service if the tutorial wont load! i was having people come to my wall and it was just really annoying and much of a hassle, i thought it was never possible 2 delete my account on google , but thank you, i was able 2 do it. I have my own Youtube acct that I want to bring under my G umbrella BUT can’t since (ie, that email is already associated with a Youtube account…”) BTW- I am NOT using gmail for either account THANKS!! this was very helpful but i think all accounts are modified. I don’t know if it’s Google (probably), Fire Fox 11.0 (probably NOT, or what, but even Google doesn’t work on my XP machine (yea, yeah, I know).

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