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In 2015/16, NHS providers ended the year with a record deficit of £2.45 billion, while performance against waiting times and other key indicators has deteriorated.

So why is the NHS struggling to maintain standards of care despite funding having increased?

Most emergency care takes place at major A&E units attached to hospitals, so in this analysis we focus on activity at these departments, which serves as a good indicator of the overall demand for emergency care.

All specialties have been included, and no changes have been made to any of the data, with the exception of the financial data in Figure 7, which has been converted into 2015/16 prices using the whole economy GDP deflator.This means that some procedures are excluded from the data – including tests as part of national screening programmes, or procedures that ‘treat’ a person’s condition.This dataset also only goes back to 2006/7, rather than 2003/4 as in other figures One reason for the growth in hospital activity is simply that the population has grown.A key reason for this is that demand for services is rising.Here we explore demand for hospital services by looking at the data for different aspects of activity over the past 13 years.

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